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Pricing - Pick-up and Delivery

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My Loader Bucket (Mulch Scoop) is Approximately 1.25 (1 1/4) Cubic Yards.





- Not always available, weather plays a huge factor in availability.

Top Soil:  Tandem Load = Current Market Value  

          17 to 18 Tons: 13 - 15 yards depending on moisture.

Screened Top Soil/Garden Blend:  $42.45 / yard (+ tax) = $45.00 / yard


Mulch Delivery

Local Delivery Fees

This is the large dump truck.  You must be able to accommodate it's size.  No hills, ditches, low branches, or narrow gates.

It weighs 30 tons when loaded.


* I am not responsible if you underestimate quantity. If you order 5 scoops and needed 7, the delivery fee will apply when I bring the 2 scoops.


*Additional Delivery Fees May Apply To:


All prices subject to change.

$1 off per yard on 15 to 20 yard loads delivered on one trip in the BIG truck!

Big Truck! 30 tons when loaded.