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Pricing - Pick Up and Delivery

Check out this Special!
15 yards and more will have a discount on delivery! 


We accept CREDIT CARD payments (3 percent fee added to purchase).
We accept checks ($35 fee for a returned check/NSF).

Mulches (tax included).

Mushroom Mulch $26.50 per yard
Brown Hardwood sifted Mulch $29.50 per yard
Colored Mulch $36.00 per yard
Play Ground Wood carpet $35.50
Wood Chips $28.00
Animal Wood Carpet Oak (bedding) $25.00 Per Yard

- Not always available, weather plays a huge factor in availability.

Regular Top Soil $30.00 per yard 
Screened Top Soil and Garden Blend $45.00 Per yard

Top Soil: Truck Load = Current Market Value 
Estimated 3.6 tons per 3 yards; depending on moisture.
3 yards (Single Axle Truck Load)
My Loader Bucket (Mulch Scoop) is Approximately 1.25 (1 1/4) Cubic Yards. 

Mulch Delivery

Local Delivery Fees
$25.00 per load.
* I am not responsible if you underestimate quantity. If you order 5 scoops and needed 7, the delivery fee will apply when I bring the 2 scoops.

Long Distance, extra fee will apply.